About the CPAF?

Dr. Coldwell founded The Cancer Patient Advocate Foundation to serve as “The Voice For Cancer Patients” worldwide. The pharmaceutical industry is now using “big data” to lure new customers into their business model under the disguise of “cancer screening”. In contrast, Dr. Coldwell’s goal is to focus on the “whole person”, nutrition, stress reduction and natural remedies for cancer symptoms.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell has seen 66,000 patients, with 35,000 of them having cancer. He has a proven cancer patient cure rate of over 92.3%. No one else has that kind of proven Cancer Patient cure rate. This figure, is based on the clinical and scientific research of the Schmargendorf Health Institute, Berlin, under the scientific leadership of Dr. Med. Thomas Hohn (MD). After you understand the IBMS* System and the message Dr. C provides here in this book, you will finally be able to comprehend and use the tools and knowledge that Dr. C accumulated to define the ONLY way Cancer patients can be cured. -The knowledge accumulated in his IBMS’ System is, as he believes, the only way back to health for Cancer patients. With 45 Years of experience and research, Dr. C has the knowledge of and the cured patients to Show how to eliminate the Root Cause of Cancer so that it never comes back. Dr. C is the founder of the Cancer Patient Advocate Foundation, and the Foundation for Drug and Crime Free Schools, and Health for Children. He is on the board of the American Anti-Cancer Society and is a consultant for large organizations and companies, actors, as well as the largest health insurance company in Europe, and a keynote speaker for Medical Congresses (Doctors and Nurses). Dr. C is the educator of educators. The doctor who doctors go to for advice and help.

After 16 years as a General Practitioner in Europe, Dr. Coldwell left his general practice to concentrate an his applied research in stress and stress related diseases. He is a board certified Doc-tor of Natural Medicine, a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a Syndicated TV and Radio host, with over 34 million listeners from over 150 Countries. He is an award winning best-selling author with books in 9 Languages. Over 5.7 million people have attended his Life Seminars. Email: IBMSInternational@Startmail.com